Monday, July 20, 2009


So yesterday was our annual family Lagoon day. We usually only go if we can find discount tickets and thanks to my sweet, loving and caring sister she provided that for us. Half off the regular price. It was awesome. Hayden has not ridden the Colossus yet and of course the Wicked. So this year I told him that if he rode those and Hannah rode the Wicked than next year I would buy them a season pass. Now the only reason I had to bribe them is because that is the only way to get the kids to really do anything. Hayden is 12 and I thought it was time for him to get on those rides cause Chad and I knew that he would love them. Hannah loved them and she is younger than Hayden. So we get to Lagoon and we tell Hayden that he needed to ride those first and get them out of the way. What does he do? He says no and that he wants to ride the Wild Mouse. Now that ride I absolutly hate. Its to jerky for my taste. So Chad and Hayden rode that. Hayden loves the JetStar and the Spider so if he likes those I told him he would love the Colossus. So around 5:00 PM we get in line for it. He is freaking out the whole time. Asking us "Is it scary?" "How old were you when you rode it the first time?" Chad and I had to tell our story to him over and over again. We finally get on the ride and Hayden is mouthing something. Holy crap I think it was. Hands are clasped around the handle in front of him. Off we go. Going up the ramp his face was white and a look of terror on his face. Down the hill and I look over at him and he has a beaming smile on his face and even before the ride is over he yells "I want to go again!" LOL. It was so awesome. Then the same with the Wicked. He loved it like we knew he would. He was disappointed cause he waited so long to ride them. He is kicking himself now cause he could have been riding them all along but was not able to overcome his fear until now. I am so proud of him. Now all I have to do is buy those season passes. I told them I wont buy them till next year so that gives me some time.

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brookeaprilrain said...

You're welcome Sis, and I'm glad to hear Hayden had fun. I figured if Hannah liked it he would to.