Monday, July 20, 2009


So yesterday was our annual family Lagoon day. We usually only go if we can find discount tickets and thanks to my sweet, loving and caring sister she provided that for us. Half off the regular price. It was awesome. Hayden has not ridden the Colossus yet and of course the Wicked. So this year I told him that if he rode those and Hannah rode the Wicked than next year I would buy them a season pass. Now the only reason I had to bribe them is because that is the only way to get the kids to really do anything. Hayden is 12 and I thought it was time for him to get on those rides cause Chad and I knew that he would love them. Hannah loved them and she is younger than Hayden. So we get to Lagoon and we tell Hayden that he needed to ride those first and get them out of the way. What does he do? He says no and that he wants to ride the Wild Mouse. Now that ride I absolutly hate. Its to jerky for my taste. So Chad and Hayden rode that. Hayden loves the JetStar and the Spider so if he likes those I told him he would love the Colossus. So around 5:00 PM we get in line for it. He is freaking out the whole time. Asking us "Is it scary?" "How old were you when you rode it the first time?" Chad and I had to tell our story to him over and over again. We finally get on the ride and Hayden is mouthing something. Holy crap I think it was. Hands are clasped around the handle in front of him. Off we go. Going up the ramp his face was white and a look of terror on his face. Down the hill and I look over at him and he has a beaming smile on his face and even before the ride is over he yells "I want to go again!" LOL. It was so awesome. Then the same with the Wicked. He loved it like we knew he would. He was disappointed cause he waited so long to ride them. He is kicking himself now cause he could have been riding them all along but was not able to overcome his fear until now. I am so proud of him. Now all I have to do is buy those season passes. I told them I wont buy them till next year so that gives me some time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chad's surgery

So the surgery went very well. We had to go to Bountiful for it but that was only 15 minutes away. They got him prepped for the surgery and they let me come back to see him before they took him in to the surgical room. I was really nervous about the anisthesia(sp) because Chad has never had surgery or been put under so I didnt know how he would react to it when waking up. He was fine but the nurse gave him a lortab on his empty stomach and he was extremely sick when we left the hospital. They didnt even give him anything for the nausea. I was pretty upset. We made it home just in time for him to throw up the water they gave him and the cracker. He was sick from about 12 to 9:00 that night. I felt so bad for him. He is getting around alot better now. They started Physical Therapy on Wednesday and he is doing great with that. He should be off crutches by Tuesday next week. Woo hoo! He is a real trooper cause he is not taking much for the pain. He is muscleing through it. I love you baby!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So Chad hurt his knee at work a couple of weeks ago and now has to have surgery. Woo Hoo, in Bountiful. Does anyone want to come hang out at the hospital with me? He tore his meniscus.(sp) I just know he is gonna be a bear after his surgery. I will just load him up on pain pills and put him to bed. His surgery is set for Tuesday the 2nd. At least I get out of work that day. I need a book. Any suggestions?

Haydens birthday is coming up on the 16th and he wants to go to Lagoon. I dont think Dad will want to go since he wont be able to walk really. I need another idea to do and I dont do water parks. I need to figure out something that he will want to do that we all can do. Help me out anyone.

I also would like to say how much I love my parents. They are the greatest. Especially my mom. I love her so much and dont know what I would do without her. We talk everyday. She is always there for me when I need to talk or need to vent about something. She is the best. I love you MOM! My dad is awesome too. He is so smart and I know I can go to him with any question I have and he will have the answer. Sometimes I will skip over my husband and go straight to my dad even though I know Chad will know the answer. It bugs Chad but it gives me an excuse to talk to my dad. LOL. Gotta go. Will update you on Chad when his surgery is over.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So we had the kids this weekend and it was wonderful up until about 7 pm Saturday night. We had been gone all day with the kids. We went to Orem for our neices birthday party at a rollerskating rink. On our way home Hannah gets a text from their mom saying they are not moving but staying in Price. WHAM! Smiles gone from Chad and I and the kids are cheering! Good for them. They have friends there and school. Chad and I looked at each other and I started to cry like a little baby. At that moment I realized how much I love those kids and how much I was looking forward to having them closer so we could spend more time with them. I was so angry at their mom for doing this to Chad! For 3 years she kept telling us that once she was done with school they would move back up this way. Our hopes were high that they would move to Draper or Sandy. Not only does she get them every Christmas (which I think is total crap) but we only get them twice a month. We dont see them during the week. Half the time we dont get to talk to them. During the summer she is switching weekends and we only see them once a month. Its hard being a step mom but sometimes I want to beat some sense into that woman. The kids have missed the last 2 weeks of school cause she had to do some things for school here in Salt Lake so she took them out cause her school was more important. Seems that she is more important than those kids. I have no idea what she is thinking. The kids need braces but she put them on herself instead! I am so sad for those kids. They miss their dad and we miss them. It breaks my heart for Chad. Our weekend was ruined once again. Hopefully something good happens soon.

Friday, March 6, 2009

American Idol!

So Chad and I have been into American Idol since season 6. It is now Season 8 and wow is it getting exciting. We of course have our favorites and mine is the Gokey guy. We also have our dislikes who was actually voted not to stay last night and that was Tatiana. Oh my gosh was she annoying. She had a really good voice but I wanted to shoot her when she was not singing cause she couldnt shut up. It was really exciting cause they brought back 8 wildcards(people who were not voted by the people to stay to fight for a spot in the top 12) and they sang and only 3 were going to be chosen to be in the top 12 but suprise to everyone they made it a top 13 cause they thought Anoop was awesome as well as the other 3 they chose. I cant wait till next week. Also dancing with the stars starts next week so that will be exciting as well. I cant wait.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I know I know, its been forever since we posted anything. Things have been crazy. I have decided to go to school. I am going to be a CNA and if I like that then I will get my LPN license. I got a job at a Home Health agency and I like it so I decided to get a CNA license. Its going to be great.
Chad and I had a wonderful Valentines. Brooke, the wonderful, loving and giving sister that I have got us a room at the Marriott and she decorated it with a ton of candy, chocolate covered strawberries, rose petals on the bed and a bouquet of daisies. It was so nice of her. I however got the stomach flu that night so I really didnt have a good night. I just wanted to be home in my own bed. But it was so sweet of Brooke and I am so thankful to have a sister like her. She makes me want to be a better person. I love her so much and think she is the best sister ever.
In January we had to put our dog Moose down. We think he got parvo. It was a mess. He wouldnt eat or get up to go outside. After a couple of days we took him to the vet and that was the outcome. It was sad but we know he is no longer in pain.
On our Anniversary I had the feeling we needed to the Humane Society so we went and we found Herbie. He is half Chihuahua and half Dachsund. He has been a handful but we like him.
So not much else is going on. We are really excited cause the kids will be moving to salt lake this summer. Their step dad got a job in Draper so once their mom finished school in May they will be moving so much closer. We cant wait cause we will be able to see the kids a whole lot more. It will be wonderful.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! We love you all!